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Border Management Systems Specialists - Since 1990


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Border Management Systems Specialists


In an increasingly global society, more and more people are crossing international borders for tourism, business, employment and, unfortunately, trans-national crime. All countries, large and small, need to be well equipped to manage these cross border movements. is a leading provider

of system solutions for
border management & passport control


 • Trusted by governments

 • Only provider specializing exclusively in border management

 • Superior system functionality, availability and performance

 • Criminal identification (Interpol interface, forensics)

 • Cost effective

 • Rapid deployment and minimal risk

 • Superior flexibility and national autonomy over system options

 • Global industry partnerships for comprehensive national solutions using latest border technologies.


immiPass ® is our software suite of border management systems and the core of our solutions, handling:


 • INTERPOL interface for lost and stolen passports, wanted persons; automatically checking passports against INTERPOL's Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database

 • Arrivals and Departures

 • Passports and other travel documents

 • Alerts (black list / watch list / control list / stop list)

 • Vehicles

 • Visas, Permits, Extensions and Overstayers.


With leading industry partners, we can offer optimal solutions for each country and source the most appropriate products and suppliers for biometrics, specialized hardware (such as passport scanners, visa printers) and related technologies.


We work with border management agencies, as well as systems integrators and solution providers.  A veteran with border systems experience since 1990, is your leading specialist partner. is the global presence of Natural Systems Pty Ltd, Australia.


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