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About Us is the global presence of Natural Systems Pty Ltd. Natural Systems became a Government Endorsed Supplier to the Australian Government in 1996 and has worked with government authorities in many other countries. We are located in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Our solutions are suitable for countries that manage their own national borders, be they in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas or island states.


What Makes Us Different?


Few countries had advanced border control systems before September 11, 2001. Even fewer had systems for a decade or more. We have learnt valuable lessons in border control - through several generations of systems - in the country widely acknowledged as being a world leader.


INTERPOL has said that quality border control systems should not be the preserve of a few nations with large financial and human resources, but should be widely available. Since the 1990s our aim has been to bring leading capability to more countries.


What distinguishes us from our competitors? What makes us a leader?

•        Trusted by governments

•        Only provider specializing exclusively in border management

•        Extent of subject expertise / domain knowledge - we know border management

•        Product range and capability - superior capability

•        Product innovation


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Our specialist expertise has led to our world leading software, immiPass ™. Read more about immiPass ...


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